• A copy of the rules and regulations shall be kept aboard each boat and made available to each participant. Each participant shall read and thoroughly familiarize him or herself with the rules and regulations. Any participant who violates any rules and regulation of The Central Florida Shootout, whether intentional or not, could possibly disqualify him or herself and all other participants aboard his / her boat. A disqualification shall prevent a participant from collecting prizes for fish registered.
  • All participants are subject to a polygraph test. Failure to submit to or pass a polygraph test will subject the participant to disqualification.
  • Every participant must be registered prior to fishing. A participant is deemed to be anyone competing for cash prizes and shall include everyone aboard a boat, fishing from a pier, the surf, and/or a dock. The captain or owner of each participating boat shall see to it that every person aboard his boat has a $50 Angler’s Ticket.
  • Any captains permitting a person on his/her boat to violate any rule of The Central Florida Shootout may cause all participants aboard his/her boat to be disqualified.
  • The Central Florida Shootout is a Captain’s Choice Tournament. Captains fish at their own discretion and accept full responsibility for their crew and vessel whether on land or in the water.
  • All tickets must be properly completed with the required information at the time of ticket purchase. Only registered participants are eligible for prizes. Registration tickets must be presented at the Weigh Station when entering a fish for prize competition during the hours listed below. (Participants may be required to present acceptable personal identification when registering any fish into The Central Florida Shootout. TICKETS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE OR REFUNDABLE.
  • All fish entered must be caught within the territorial waters of the Central Florida Shootout. For offshore and inshore saltwater, the territorial waters of the Central Florida Shootout  include all open and public waters from an east-west boundary from St. Augustine (North) 29N 54’78 ” and an east-west boundary (South) 26N 46′ 27″ from Lake Worth Inlet.
  • Official start time of The Central Florida Shootout is lines in the water at 9:00pm on Friday, May 10th, 2019. See below for designated weigh-in deadline times. 

Saturday, May 11th, scales open at 11:00am. Fish may be brought to the scales by boat or vehicle. You can continue fishing after weighing a fish, but you cannot upgrade the species that was weighed first.
  • All anglers must be in line to weigh by 5:00 P.M.
  • At the close of Saturday’s fishing, those anglers who are passed the check in boat at the weigh stations, or identified by a Central Florida Shootout official as being docked as the weigh station closes, will be allowed to have their catch weighed and entered.
  • The official Weigh Station is Sunrise Marina, Port Canaveral, Florida, and Captain Hiram’s, Sebastian, Florida. Have your VHF radio turned to VHF Channel 72, as that is the official tournament channel, when coming to the tournament dock.
  • All species can come to the event by truck or car, however, the angler who caught the fish must accompany his or her fish to the scale. All anglers must have his or her Angler Ticket on their person in order to weigh fish and have proper identification. Ticket(s) must be presented prior to putting the fish on the scale. Absolutely no person or persons can give a fish they caught to another ticket holder to weigh. This will be a part of the polygraph exam!
  • All Central Florida Shootout winners will be determined by the largest fish entered in each category according to weight and are subject to limitations. If there is a tie, earliest fish weighed gets the win. Participants weighing any inshore species (Redfish and Trout) will receive a half pound deduction to the fish’s weight if the fish is dead and not released alive at the time of weigh in. Junior Anglers will also receive a half pound deduction for fish weighed in that are dead.
  • This is an angler tournament! In the interest of conservation we will encourage any participant not to weigh after their first fish is weighed.  An angler will be permitted to hold and win only one place per category at any one time but may place in more than one category simultaneously. If there are two or more anglers on board a boat, each angler can weigh the same species of fish. Cash and prizes for three places in each species. Any Angler Ticket holder can win (or place) in more than one species, but can only win one place per species.  At 2:00 pm on Sunday May 19th, 2019, at the awards ceremony, a name will be drawn and that contestant will win a NauticStar Boat. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN THIS AWARD.
  • All fish shall be kept in as good a condition as possible, preferably on ice, so the judge can make an accurate judgment as to its freshness. Any fish deemed to be spoiled or rotten, may be disqualified. Any fish that has been shot, cut, mutilated, bang struck, frozen, or showing signs of unsportsmanlike handling may be disqualified. In addition, all fish entered may be subject to a Tory meter test. No fish will be accepted for registration that has been gutted or chemically treated prior to weighing. The official judge or his representative may at his discretion gut any fish presented. A marine biologist may be on hand to determine the freshness of your catch. Judges decision will be final.
  • The participant must catch all fish entered into competition and it must be caught with a rod and reel or a pole and line. No participant shall be assisted in any way to land his or her fish except for help in netting or gaffing his/her catch. No exceptions are made. No electric reels are permitted.
  • To promote conservation and in some cases comply with the State of Florida or Federal regulations, the Central Florida Shootout judges will not accept an entry of any fish in the Species categories that does not meet minimum length or slot limit requirements as specified. The Central Florida Shootout reserves the right to amend these lengths and/or remove any fish from competition, without notice, at any time in order to comply with federal and/or state requirements.
  • All anglers must conform to local, state, and federal laws. All entrants coming to scale by boat must conform to all no wake zones and speed limits. Speeding tickets or citations issued will result in disqualification. Everyone on board a tournament boat must have a valid Florida fishing license. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification without refund of tickets.
  • All prizes not claimed at the awards ceremony on Sunday May 19th, 2019 or at Strike-Zone Fishing Melbourne 2771 New Haven Ave. in Melbourne, FL by June 1, 2019, will become property of the Central Florida Shootout.
  • The Central Florida Shootout Committee reserves the right to cancel the Central Florida Shootout due to weather. The Tournament make-up date is May 20th with the awards ceremony being on May 20th. No refund of tickets will be made due to rescheduling. Please check the website for updates.
  • Protests of any nature must be submitted in written statement form and personally turned in to the Central Florida Shootout Committee / Tournament Director no later than one-half hour after the last fish is weighed along with a $250 fee. If protest is up-held, monies will be returned to protester. If protest is not up-held, monies go to the tournament.
  • Any matter not specifically covered by these rules may be decided by and at the sole discretion of the Central Florida Shootout Committee.
  • Disclaimer: The Central Florida Shootout is not responsible for typos within the awards package and rules, and reserves the right to amend or substitute prizes due to events beyond the Central Florida Shootout’s control.
  • Lady Angler: Ladies division awards will be 1st-3rd places inshore and 1st-3rd places offshore.


Any angler entered into the Central Florida Shootout will receive one ticket per $50.00 angler tickets. Additional tickets may be purchased for $50.00 each, and will give the buyer an additional chance at the Grand Prize.  A part of your Angler Ticket will be removed and placed in a drum (one per entry ticket). MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THAT PORTION OF YOUR ANGLER TICKET AND PRINT LEGIBLY.

Payout: Cash for first place and cash and prizes for second and third place for each species:

  • Kingfish – First place $1500.00
  • Dolphin – First place $1500.00
  • Gag Grouper – First place $1500.00
  • Wahoo – First place $1500.00
  • $1000.00 for biggest Trout
  • $1000.00 for biggest Redfish
  • $500.00 for biggest Cobia
  • $500 for biggest Amberjack
  • $1000 for biggest Snook
  • $500 for biggest Tripletail

*Cash and prizes for second and third places!

Junior Angler Tournament
Trophy and/or Prizes for 1st – 3rd place
Species: Redfish
, Snook, 

In order to be eligible, a junior angler must be 14 years of age or younger.

  • Junior Anglers fish for free with one paying adult. ($50).
  • Junior Anglers will only be eligible for prize money and Boat raffle if they purchase a $50 Angler Ticket.
  • Junior Anglers will receive a half pound addition to the weight of each fish that is weighed in alive and released alive at the weigh in.