What many people may not understand about childhood cancer is that the devastation reality of the disease goes miles beyond anything physical. In addition to the extreme financial strain of paying for care, Brevard and Indian River based families must also devote an overwhelming amount of time, travel and money for countless other expenses. From the shock of the diagnosis to the painful side-effects of treatment, the ongoing heartbreak and emotional impact felt by the entire family is hard to imagine. While nobody can see the diagnosis coming, we can make sure that our local children and their families have the support and resources they need to fight back. From economic assistance to emotional encouragement, join Candlelighters of Brevard in helping families survive the extreme physical, psychological and practical hardships of this disease.

Our mission is to bring awareness to teen issues and guide teens to available resources. We do this by participating in every event where we can reach out to teens. We also take every opportunity to educate adults of the unique issues teens face today and how their needs are different from that of an adult.

The FSFA is a family oriented, non profit organization dedicated to promote and advance the enjoyment of sport fishing in the Space Coast area and throughout the state of Florida.

The Central Florida Shootout is proud to also several local youth and sports programs.